Diabetic Retina Disease
It is a condition occurring in persons with diabetes, which causes progressive damage to the retina, the light sensitive lining at the back of the eye. It is a serious sight-threatening complication of diabetes.

A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision.

Glaucoma is a group of conditions that damage the eye’s optic nerve and can result in vision loss and blindness.


When buying eyeglasses, the frame you choose is important to both your appearance and your comfort when wearing glasses. But the eyeglass lenses you choose influence four factors: appearance, comfort, vision and safety.

Contact Lenses
Contact lenses, like eyeglasses or LASIK, can correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Among Americans who need vision correction, about 20 percent wear contact lenses.

Dry Eye Syndrome
Dry Eye Syndrome occurs when the eye does not produce tears properly, or when the tears aren't of good quality and evaporate too quickly.

Amblyopia is the term eye doctors use for reduced vision in one eye that is caused by problems with the way the eye and the brain work together. This condition is sometimes called “lazy eye.”

Diabetic eye disease is a group of eye problems that can happen in people with diabetes. All of these problems can cause severe vision loss or even blindness.

Age related Macula degeneration (ARMD)
Age Related Macular degeneration is a condition that affects the macula, the part of the eye that allows a person to see fine detail. It causes problems with central vision, which is the vision used to see objects clearly.

Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG)
Chronic glaucoma, also known as primary open-angle glaucoma or POAG, often is called "the silent thief of sight" because you have no warning sign, no pain and no hint that anything is wrong.

Retina Detachments
Retinal detachment is a very serious eye condition that happens when the retina separates from the tissue around it.

Low Vision
Low vision means that even with regular glasses, contact lenses, medicine, or surgery, people find everyday tasks difficult to do.

A pterygium is an elevated, superficial, external ocular mass that usually forms over the perilimbal conjunctiva and extends onto the corneal surface.

Other Retina Diseases
Drops are applied to the eyes to open the pupils.  This will allow the doctors to use a special magnifying lens to evaluate the structures inside the eyes.